Q:  Do I have to be present when my flag is installed?

A:  No. Flags will be placed within about 3' of the corner formed by your driveway and the sidewalk/street. 


Q:  What if there is a tree or other obstacle in the installation location?

A:  Our installers will adjust the location appropriately to ensure that the flag can fly freely. 


Q:  Can I request a specific location for the flag to be installed? 

A:  If you are present when the installers arrive, you can make a request in-person and they will do their best to accommodate it. Flag placement is determined by our installers with several factors in mind: sprinkler lines, trees or other obstacles, sight lines, etc. Please understand that we will not install in an easement due to city utility lines. 


Q:  Will my HOA allow the installation of this flag in my yard?

A:  Thanks to the Texas State Legislature (HB 2779), the placement of U.S. flags in front yards is now a homeowner right that cannot be revoked by an HOA, as long as the flag is properly displayed and in good condition (that's our job!). 


Q:  How will the flag be installed on my property?

A:  Installers will drive a steel stake into the ground and place the 10' flag pole into the stake. When the flag is removed between holidays, the stake will be capped off with a plastic PVC cap. 


Q:  What if your installers break a sprinkler line during installation?

A:  We certainly hope this won't happen, but if it does, of course we will fix it right away. 


Q:  Flags that are flying at night should be illuminated. Do we get a light with our flag?

A:  No, but you are encouraged to place a small spotlight in your yard to light up your flag at night. Inexpensive solar-powered lights work great!


Q:  What should I do with my flag in inclement weather?

A:  The U.S. flag should not be flown during inclement weather. If bad weather occurs, we encourage you to safely remove your flag from the in-ground stake and store it in the shelter of your home or garage until the weather clears. 


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